The Interoperable Transit Data Consortium (ITDC)’s mission is to leverage the collective knowledge of its members to create seamless transit experiences for travelers.


The IDTC convenes diverse industry stakeholders to:

  1. Provide robust, neutral, third-party governance.
  2. Define, improve, and drive adoption of data standards and best practices.
  3. Support innovation and develop practical resources.


Incomplete, low-quality, and inconsistent data feeds currently present a significant barrier to enabling a seamless multimodal transit experience for travelers. The ITDC’s work improves transit technologies that make it easier for people who may default to driving a car to opt for another mode, such as bikeshare, carshare, or public transit. By making it easy for drivers to leave their cars at home, interoperable transit data will play an important role in easing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and reducing carbon emissions.

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